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dreams in which I'm dying.
Guys look I wrote a fanfic. 
11th-Mar-2012 06:01 pm
glee kurt

Title: Limbo

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Jack/Rory

Summary: Jack dies yet again and wakes up in limbo, and is soon joined by the only other person who knows what it's like to be killed but not die.

It was cloudy for being a Sunday afternoon in the summertime. The streets were deserted. Cardiff was like a ghost town. This is what Jack Harkness opened his eyes to. He lay facedown on the pavement, his back aching. He searched his memory for the key thing that landed him here.

            Oh right. John Hart threw him off a roof. That bastard. He made a mental note to make sure he really freaked him out when he went back.

            Another figure appeared on the horizon, and Jack smiled. He had one friend here in limbo; another man who never actually reached the afterlife before being pulled back to his body and the life he never had time to miss.

            “Fancy seeing you here, Rory.”

            Rory Williams. Husband to Amy Pond and companion of the Doctor. A pleasant connection to Jack’s old friend.  He smiled and waved. They’d met here many times before; this strange bond built a rather unconventional relationship between the two to the point where they almost looked forward to their next death in hopes of meeting again.

            “So what happened to you then?” Rory had a small smirk on his face as he asked the question, knowing the answer only confirmed how sorry his attacker would be.

            “Thrown off a roof by an old friend from the time agency. And you?”

            “ I think I was attacked by aliens. I’m not sure. Chances are, I won’t remember being dead when I come back. Not this time.”

            Jack paused, his forehead creasing with confusion. He’d never forgotten these moments with Rory.

            “Why don’t you think you’ll remember this?”

            Rory shrugged. “We were in a dream state. We weren’t sure which was the real world and which was the dream world. I imagine when Amy awakens and brings me back I’ll forget too.”

            “But what if it wasn’t a dream? Do you think maybe you’re really dead this time?”

            “Do you think you are?”

            Jack stopped again. If only he could be. He’d been killed so many times by so many people and it never mattered. Some people might think he was a superhero. He just wanted to be able to die a hero. He couldn’t dwell on it now, though. He felt a slight pull that indicated soon he would awaken in his own body back on the streets of an ever-so-busy Cardiff.

            “I’m leaving soon, Rory.”

            “I am as well.”

            “The Doctor is okay, right?”

            Rory smiled. “Amy and I look after him.”

            Jack breathed a sigh of relief. The pull was getting stronger; he didn’t have much time. No more time to be wasted with words. He embraced Rory and kissed him, in hopes that the all-too-brief gesture might remind the married man what he had to look forward to the next time they met here.

            “Until next time, my friend.”

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